Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book group

I went to book group tonight. I already took a photo there last month, so for today's post I thought I'd pull some photos from the archives.

This is my first book group. This wasn't actually a book group meeting, but these are our friends from college that formed the group not long after we got married. It's my only experience with a coed book group, and my memory was that the group didn't last long.
But I checked my planners from that time period (yes I'm a nerd) and we actually kept it going for 2 1/2 years. Not bad. Rob and I brainstormed and remembered almost all of the books we read. We're toying with the idea of trying to get this group (at least those still around) going again.

While that group was still going, I got in on the start of another group. Unfortunately I was not yet a photo nazi, so I have no photos of that group. Some of the women in that group were also in a playgroup, which would have more appropriately been called a mom's group, since we all had babies and there wasn't a whole lot of playing going on. Here's a shot of a few of us at Red Butte Gardens.
I wish I had kept the bookmarks that Jenni made so I had a complete list of the books we read. I have the dates we met written down, and I wrote down the book occasionally. I believe this group is still going, with a few of the original members and many others who have come and gone since I was there. Amy, if you read this and can fill in any blanks I will make you some homemade bread. I miss this group!
I started another book group almost as soon as I moved to Idaho Falls, and these women became my best friends. Some of us would go out for dinner before book group, and we would often end up talking well past midnight. I miss this group too!

I have a complete record of what we read there. The person leading the discussion would bring three books and the group would vote on which one to read. I even have a list of the extras, but couldn't fit it all on one page.

Here's a very incomplete list of what we've read in my current book group. I'm hoping to fill in some gaps here too.
"Good friends, good books...this is the ideal life."
~Mark Twain

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Julie said...

Wow - I am so impressed with all your book notes - will definitely need to use those for future reference.

I still remember staring my first bookgroup and a young mother down in Provo - boy do I wish I had a picture of our group AND a list of the books we read!!