Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free canvas

So I saw an offer for a free 8"x10" photo canvas today (link here). I've been wanting to try printing something on canvas anyway, so I scanned through the photos I've taken this year. So far I'm up to 2,055 photos and 26 movies. And there weren't any that I just LOVE. I've definitely been meeting my goal to capture our daily life, but I'm finding that our daily life just isn't that picturesque. Here are a few that I'm considering:

I took this one in Mexico. I'm not sure where I'd hang it, but I like it.

Another shot from Mexico. Pretty generic.

Or maybe a Lotoja shot for Rob's office? Not that he's got much wall space left.

Cara took this one, of Ellie's feet—I could use it as a baby shower gift.

Or, if I had four free canvases, it might be fun to do something seasonal and change them out—here's a possible winter collage, from 2007:

Or Christmas, from 2009:

Or summer, from 2009:
Also, can't decide if I want B&W or color. I need help deciding. I know all three of you reading this are very opinionated. Please tell me what you'd pick from these or any other shots on the blog. Thanks!


Melissa said...

I actually really like the first 2 photos (not that the ones of your kids aren't cute also,but the first 2 are pretty cool.) I think color. (Try black and white for your next free canvas. BTW, where did you find this offer?

Rob said...

The first.