Sunday, April 25, 2010

How cute is this apron?

Even cuter with the clever card "Thank you for serving us."

Today I was released from the young women's presidency. Bittersweet. It'll be nice not to worry about childcare when Rob, Robbie and I were all involved in Wednesday night activities. Even better not to have to hire sitters during the week of scout camp and girl's camp. But I will miss the girls and leaders.

Today I was actually glad that we had sacrament meeting first, so everyone heard the announcement, then during our young women's meeting the new presidency had a chance to introduce themselves and we had a chance to say goodbye. I wasn't expecting a present, but I love it!

As I shared my testimony, I told the girls about when I received this call. Rob was still in the EMBA program, and the bishop called asking him about his schedule. After a few minutes Rob said, "Bishop, if you have a calling for one of us, just make the call, we'll work out the scheduling. We've never had a calling that hasn't been a blessing to us. " And that is the truth. Clayton Christensen puts it much better than I can:

"Why do I choose to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as an organized religion, rather than attempt as an individual to live a good life? It is because the church helps me understand and practice the essence of Christianity. The mechanism by which the organization achieves this is to have no professional clergy. We don’t hire ministers or priests to teach and care for us. This forces us to teach and care for each other – and in my view, this is the core of Christian living as Christ taught it. I actually have come to feel badly for my friends who belong to faiths in which professional clergy are employed – because they don’t know how much joy they miss when they “outsource” the teaching and care of the members of their church to specially trained professionals."

This is an excerpt from an article he wrote called Why I Belong and Why I Believe. Just click on the link to read the whole thing. And here's a link to one of my all-time favorite talks, also by Clayton Christensen, Decisions for Which I've Been Grateful. If you read these and like them as much as I do, go here and scroll down for even more inspiring messages.

So, I'm even grateful that I'm already jumping into my next calling, a den leader for the Bears. It might be the only way Joey gets his rank advancement. :)

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Melissa said...

wow. You went on a serious update binge. Love the apron. I might even wear one like that.