Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recital season

Here's Ainsley with her cute ballet teacher, Liz Doxey. How many four year-olds are lucky enough to have a super-talented, former Ballet West dancer who is also fabulous with kids for their teacher?
May is one of our busiest months, and it's pushing back into April this year. Ainsley's ballet recital isn't until May, but they had photos today. Ellie has a dress rehearsal tomorrow, and a performance Thursday night. Robbie and Joey's piano recital is Monday night, and Joey's play is in May too. Add to that swim team every week day after school, plus scouts, tumbling, field trips, chess club, wedding showers and receptions, birthday parties...well, you get the idea.


Amanda Morgan said...

I want to be Liz Doxey when I grow up.

Michelle said...

Mandy, you are to preschool teaching what Liz is to ballet teaching...pretty much perfect! It's really not fair that you're both super cute too! I still need to get a photo of you and Ainsley. I love the one of you and Ellie in front of your door, so it'd be fun to duplicate the shot and compare.