Friday, March 14, 2014


I can't remember if Robbie was in the middle of midterms or finals at this point, but either way, he needed some quiet time to get them done, so we cleared out and took the youngest three to Angers. It's much more of a fortress than many of the châteaux we visited. It made Rob's top ten list of the whole trip because it has the Apocalypse Tapestry inside. There are no photos allowed, and for once not even Rob tried to sneak one. It's pretty impressive though, huge tapestries telling the story from Revelations covering multiple huge walls. One of the few souvenirs Rob was willing to carry around for months was a book about it.

Sometimes we're cheesy. But who doesn't like cheese? :)

We got home just in time to pick up Robbie and go over to the Séguins for dinner. The kids loved their huge yard, especially the trampoline.

They were fascinated with and a little scared of the chickens. City kids. :)

The dinner was fantastic—we had raclette, which is a Swiss dish a little like a potato bar. There are special grills that go right on the table that melt cheese (raclette, hence the name) and cook bacon, cold cuts, veggies, etc. Everyone grills and melts their preferred toppings and puts them hot onto their potato. It's amazing.

Since there's never a photo that's good of everyone...

After the raclette we were stuffed, but somehow made the sacrifice to eat this delicious cake too.

It was a wonderful day and evening. I'm so grateful we had the chance to spend time with the Mezzasalma and Séguin families and for their hospitality again!

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