Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Posted April 2, 2015

Futuroscope was not what we were expecting. We were comparing it to Disneyland, expecting roller coasters and rides, but found instead that there were a lot of bizarre (to us, anyway, since we weren't familiar with the characters) 4-D attractions. Rob describes it as a theme park that Jerry Lewis might have designed. Ironically, it felt like one of the least-touristy things we did on our trip, since we were pretty much the only non-French people in the entire park. We totally stood out with our earphones for translation.

I admit that Mickey Mouse and gang are also bizarre, just familiar to us. The Rabbids are the main cartoon characters at Futuroscope, but there were also talking trees, The Little Prince, gorillas, astronauts...

The food was better than the typical theme park, as you'd expect in France. Like Epcot Center.

And how cool is this? I want one of these in our backyard. :)

There's a huge light and water show at the end of the day that was impressive, but again, a bizarre and unfamiliar story. I wish our French had been better!

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