Monday, March 24, 2014


I think Chambord is the largest château in the Loire Valley. It's a royal château, and although not quite as opulent as Versailles, it is intentionally impressive. Although it's beautiful, it was apparently not very comfortable (especially cold in the winter) and seldom used. Being there in the off-season meant the roofline view was ruined by repair work, but it still looks pretty amazing.

This staircase was pretty cool, it's like a double helix, so you go to a different floor depending on which side you enter.

The girls thought the canopy beds were cute, and learned the drapery was important in keeping out the cold.

The roof is really cool, great views and French renaissance architecture.

Even the "utility" room was fancy.

Probably an appropriate end to our Parade of Châteaux. We had actually intended to go to Chenonceau as our grand finale (I remember loving it when I was here in college, it's built right over the river) but we ran out of time. Learned that saving the best for last is not always the right thing to do. :(

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