Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Le Château du Lude

Rob and I agree that this is probably our favorite château. It's not the biggest or most ornate, nor does it have the most interesting history. It's charming, and the countryside surrounding it is spectacularly beautiful, as you'll see from what will seem like way too many photos to the casual reader.

Part of the charm of this château is that it is lived in. Of course there are wings that are not open to visitors, but it does make a difference to see it fully furnished...much cozier. We coveted the library.

It would make for a killer game of hide and seek...even underground tunnels.

A beautiful day in every way.

Bonus: I think this is the evening we invited Pierre, Solange, Cyril, Christine & Lionel & kids over for dinner. I guess I was busy with food and didn't take photos, but afterward the kids wanted to share one of their current favorite songs:

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