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"Un Petit Défilé de Carnaval"

Posted June 17th, 2015

The night before these photos I got a message from Christine asking if the girls would be interested in joining in "a little carnival parade" organized for the kids of their local school. Of course we jumped at the chance to  live like a local for the day and joined them around 2:30 in the afternoon in La Fountain St. Martin (the town of about 500 people where Christine and her family live, just a few kilometers away from Pierre and Solange). Here's Ellie to tell you about the day:

So apparently it wouldn't be that long before I blogged again, but still. Les Bons-Bons is a parade-like thing were you go around to all these houses and yell, "LES BONS-BONS," which is French for, "CANDY!" I happen to think that this single word just sums it up. Candy. It is actually a lot like Halloween, although French candy not American candy. This is a picture of Ainsley and me in front of the local church.

This is a picture of Ainsley, me, Alexia, and Émeline (in order). I felt very left out, seeing as I was the only one wearing polka-dots, and they were all wearing stripes.

Many kids were wearing costumes.

We carried around this doll, which we would burn at the end.

This is us calling for the candy (it's a good thing they gave it to us too, because otherwise, well, you get the point).

You can hear the chant in this clip:

In this picture I am holding confetti, and Ainsley is holding a maraca (I think she got the better end of the deal).

Here we burned the doll,  which was filled with straw so it didn't take long for it to light up. 

And this, of course, is the aftermath. Who ever knew a kid could be so entertained?

Here are a few pictures taken by my dad on a walk that he and Joey went on while we trick-or-treated. 

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Michelle again. Apparently I really threw Ellie by including this photo from later that day:

I went with Solange to a Relief Society activity. We weren't quilting, this was just someone showing off their finished project. I can't remember exactly what we talked about, just that there was a lot of talking. I was happy I could follow most of it, but tired by the time the evening was over. 
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