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Fantabulous French School

Posted June 17, 2015

Bonjour! Ellie here. Now I don't blog very often, so savor this post like it's your favorite dessert. Today I'm blogging about my day in French school.

At the school they had a kind of broken apart school I guess, like one classroom was across the street, he others in the courtyard, etc. So, it's not all attached. This is a courtyard where they had recess and lunch.

You had to wait for a couple minutes outside the courtyard (and a couple minutes can be very long when you are impatient!), and then the gates would open and the teachers were waiting for you and you all went your separate ways.

Here is a picture of Ainsley with Émeline and their teacher. They colored in American flags and had English class, but she said it was British English.

And here is a picture of me and Alexia and our teacher. At school we learned about America, because I'm American. We colored maps and read an article on the other side of the worksheets about America. In math we focused on learning our numbers, or in my case learning my numbers, in their's reviewing them. Then, we played a few games. It was so fun! Oh, and it turns out that an American girl at a French school is very popular.

After French school we went to the Mezzasalma's and kept playing. This is a picture of Joey with Clément.

This is a picture of Ainsley and Émeline on google translate, seeing as we couldn't speak French very well, and they couldn't speak English very well. Oh, and this doesn't mean we didn't try it was just, well, difficult.

This is me and Alexia helping each other to get our numbers in French (I told you we tried!), and English. This is something we did in math except we did multiplication facts (it's harder to do it in French—I mean a language can change everything). All in all, I think that French school's pretty fantabulous.

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