Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another day on the slopes

We took advantage of the awesome Park City Start Now program again, this time snowboarding. In the past, I've tried to talk Rob into learning to snowboard, so we could go as a family, but once again I was glad that he's not interested, because I got to take the boys up and enjoy a great day of sunshine and fresh snow while Rob stayed home with the girls.

I was in a lesson myself, but managed to get a few photos of the boys since they were nearby. Here they are getting the hang of toe and heel drag:I was just in front of them in the lift line:Robbie, ready to head down the hill:
And Joey, on his way down. Last week his skiing instructor told me he was a "wild man," which I took to mean he's a natural, and not afraid. His snowboarding instructor said the same thing, so I though I'd better clarify, just to make sure he wasn't out of control. The teacher assured me that it was a compliment, and said both of the boys were the stars of the class.I'm happy to report that after my first lesson I got bumped up to level three, and the college aged kids in my class stayed in level one. Score one for middle-aged moms. I even out-paced the boys, who will be in level two next time. Sorry, I don't often have something to brag about. On the other hand, I am SORE today. It's a full-body workout for sure.We came home to a clean house again. Rob is definitely off the hook for a while.

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Julie said...

FUN!! I'm so glad you are having some wonderful time on the slopes - we were all up at Snowbasin this weekend - wow, it was nice. I'm sure I'll get around to posting the pics eventually . . . sigh, my blog hasn't been up to much lately.