Sunday, March 7, 2010

More birthday parties

In addition to Ainsley's party yesterday, Rob and I went to two birthday parties last night. First was our ward birthday party. Before we even moved into the ward, we were invited to this party and felt so welcomed. That was five years ago! We appreciate our great neighbors and friends even more now.We left a little early so we could make it to Troy's 40th birthday party. When our kids are a little bit older do you think we'll get together more than once or twice a year? I hope so.By the way, both of these photos (and the one of Ainsley yesterday) were taken with my little point-and-shoot, since I didn't want to lug around my big camera. After comparing the quality, I definitely think it's worth the extra effort. Oh well. I printed some old photos of Troy to take to the party, and no one seemed to care about the quality. It's fun to see how everyone has changed (or not, for the lucky few). So here are some more poor-quality shots, from the archives:

Jim, Rob and Troy, unfortunately sitting down, so you can't see how great they look in their kilts. All of these shots are from our wedding reception, so just over fourteen years old.
Rex and Marianne, with Mike and Chris in the background.
Mike and Misty, talking to Mike and Chris.
Shawn and Melissa, enjoying The Joe Muscolino Band.
Here's to new and old friends. And when I say old, well, let's just say that we weren't discussing colonoscopies at our parties fourteen years ago. :)


Misty said...

Love the pictures! What a fun night seeing old friends. :) Not that we're old ....

RLRP said...

Look at those babies in your photos! I thought we were grownups all those years ago, but it doesn't look like it now, does it?