Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fablehaven launch party

Last year, I exposed us as book nerds. Evidence here and here. We were just as excited to attend the launch party for the fifth and final book in the series, Keys to the Demon Prison. This year was even better than last year because we had a bigger group.
The party started at 6:30, but we showed up at 5:00 so we could get a good spot in line for the book signing (they were handing out tickets). Unfortunately, even going that early there were hundreds of people ahead of us, so we ended up not staying to get our books signed. But these guys didn't mind a little waiting time. :)
Waiting for the show to begin...
Shannon Hale was the emcee again this year—she was fun.
They tossed out tons of glow sticks, which was a big hit, and we were close enough to get some this time.
Brandon emerged from the magical knapsack this year instead of the quiet box.
There was a cool presentation of a news report with Brandon granting the wish of a ten year-old, dying of cystic fibrosis, who wanted to know what happens in book five. It turns out that he was able to come to the party, and he was made a Knight of the Dawn.
The DC Comedy group was funny too, and had some great book/film skits.
We had a great time! Now it's a race to see who'll finish the book first.

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Melissa said...

Thanks again for taking Jonas. He had a lot of fun.