Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marsh madness

I was searching through my iPhoto library for a "this day in history" photo, but I can never seem to find a photo from the exact day I need one, so this is just a nod to the season. We went to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference Championship, and saw some great games. Rob, Ralph, Rich or Jake could probably still give a play-by-play. I just seem to remember Van Horn sinking a three pointer at the buzzer, and having a good time, in spite of all the smoke. I hate Vegas. EDITED: Rob informs me that Van Horn was already gone by 1999, when this photo was taken. We went to the tournament a few times and I got my dates mixed up. I do not have the super-sports-trivia gene.

As a side-note, we saw Ray Charles while we were there. It's kind of embarrassing that I snapped this photo standing about two feet away from him, but at least he didn't see me. :) I haven't earned the title of Photo Nazi for nothing.
As of today, I'm number two in the family bracket, but I've got Kentucky going all the way, so Dan has the best chance of winning (just bragging rights) this year.

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