Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Resolutions revisited

Supposedly accountability is key in achieving goals. So I posted three of mine on January 1st.
Here's an update on how things are going so far:

1) Read the Old Testament—I figured that I'd need to read 5 pages a day, with about 60 days built in to slack off. Well, I've now used all of my slacking days and then some. So far I'm only on page 19. But I'm on page 238 of my commentary book, which has been helpful. So I've re-figured, and if I read 6 pages a day, I can still accomplish this goal. Of course if I want to understand what I'm reading there's a lot of commentary pages on top of that. I think I'll try to do this reading before I let myself read anything else. If that doesn't work nothing will.

2) Another marathon—I'm not doing great on this one either. I signed up for the Moab half-marathon and bailed because six weeks of being sick really took a toll on my training. But I've got my plan for St. George and am keeping my fingers crossed for the lottery. Still plenty of time for this one.

3) Photo of the day—YES, one goal that I feel really good about. I don't always get my photo posted on the day I took it, but overall this is working. I love that I'm capturing more of our daily life, and not just the big events. Also, it's so much easier to take five minutes a day than to feel overwhelmed because I need to catch up. There have been days that I haven't been in the mood or have been at a loss for something to photograph, but again, that just corroborates the real life experience that I'm trying to document.

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