Friday, March 12, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Last week Davy called to ask if the girls and I would like to be in a commercial. I told him that the girls would probably love it, but I'd always rather be behind the scenes. He was desperate though, and told me I'd just be a blur in the background, so I agreed.

Here's Ainsley, getting her make-up:
And Ellie (both girls were pretty excited about this part of the job):
The first few takes they kept telling the girls "Pretend that you're warm! It's called acting!" I guess you get what you pay for. :)
The scene is us, at our new home (mortgage provided by Goldenwest Credit Union). I'm in the background gardening, Ainsley's kneeling down holding a flower, Ellie runs up, hugs her, they look at each other and then at the camera.
I asked Davy to use my camera for some photos while they were filming.
He took a hundred shots and I couldn't pick my favorite, so here's a handful.

We were there for about an hour, and our segment will probably take about 3 seconds in the commercial. The girls told me on the way home that they do not want to be movie stars, but that they would do it again if they got donuts after, and the money was good. Good to know they've got their priorities straight.

I really wish I'd sent my camera with Rob this morning—he had a part in the auto loan segment in which he's being really cheesy and practically making out with a new red BMW. I can't wait to see it.


Rob said...

Not practically. Actually.

RLRP said...

I'm totally excited to see your commercial! Let us know when to start looking for it.