Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excuse me, but I think I ordered CLEAR skies...

We are back from spring break in St. George. I'm back-dating our recap. We left on Wednesday after Rob came home from work, so we were on the freeway by about 6:30 p.m. I took this shot around 8:15, just before we arrived in Scipio for a bathroom break and made the fatal mistake of waking Ellie up, since we figured we wouldn't be stopping again before we got to St. George. When we went into the gas station she started throwing a fit over some ridiculous triviality that I don't even remember now. By the time we left I was worried that someone was going to arrest me for kidnapping a screaming, hitting and kicking child. Kind of reminds me of this.
As we got onto the ramp for the freeway it started snowing. Big thick flakes. But the roads weren't slick, so we kept going. Once we got past Fillmore it was even worse, practically a whiteout. It took us three hours to get to the next town, which is Beaver, only 80 miles. We had to pull over and snap the wipers to get the ice off several times. It was miserable, and I wasn't even driving. I wish I'd taken a photo of the car and bikes, but we were exhausted and had to get all the tired kids, suitcases and bikes into the motel. Which, by the way, was the scummiest room I've ever stayed in. And I know that comes across as so privileged and ungrateful. I WAS grateful to make it there safely, and if I have nothing worse that a crummy motel room to complain about, I really do have it made. Still, I could smell vomit in that room. Yuck.
Our last drive on this stretch of road we were stuck just north of Beaver for three hours because the freeway was shut down. We are done traveling I-15 in the snow. Again, I shouldn't complain, especially after reading about Matt and Shawn's adventure.

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