Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hahahaha. Hahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Ahhh. Let me catch my breath. And wipe away the tears. What a perfect day to open this fortune cookie. Here is a list of the photos that I could have taken, but didn't:
  • The boys sleeping on the couches upstairs because we spotted a mouse downstairs.
  • The mouse, still alive, caught in a sticky trap.
  • Me, staying upstairs, coming to terms with the fact that we'll never have clean clothes again, because the mouse was caught in the laundry room.
  • Me again, reliving my recent nightmare. I was editing a Shirley Temple movie (wait, it gets worse) when I was attacked by a new breed of animal—a cross between a rat and a leech. Can anyone psychoanalyze that for me please?
  • Ellie, at the doctor's office with an ear infection. Our eighth visit in six weeks. The only person in our family who hasn't been on antibiotics during this time is Ainsley. Yes, I'm knocking on wood now.
  • The contents of our storage room on top of the air hockey and foosball tables.
  • The YW activity where I was grumpy and no fun because I had a ruthless headache.
  • Rob's sure to comment about how I was grumpy and no fun after the YW activity too.
So, I didn't get this post up yesterday. I am backdating it, because I'm not opposed to cheating with my daily photo goal. But, as I am on the verge of achieving perfection, that must be okay.

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Stacey said...

Hahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh! Love the part about the mouse, and your dream is hilarious! :)