Friday, March 5, 2010


So yesterday I was cleaning out the pantry, and decided it was time to dump the kids' valentines. I was sorting through Robbie's bag to see if he had any candy left to throw into the treat basket (he did) and I noticed that his valentines all said something nice about him. We were out of town when he wrote out his class valentines, so I didn't know that they were assigned to write compliment words to each of their classmates. I love this idea! And I loved reading what Robbie's friends wrote about him. Here's their assessment (I left their spelling and punctuation in tact—in this case, I am smarter than a fifth grader):
"You are very friendly and easy going." —Alexis
"You are smart." —Jake
"You are really smart!" —Bryanna
"Your a smart nice funny person." —Hudson
"You are a fast reader." —Coleton
"Your witty." —Simi
"You are smart." —Annie C.
"You are so smart. You always say and think things that nobody's heard of. You are also very truthful and understanding." —Zach I.
"You are very honest." —Savita
"You are very talented." —Maryjane
"Your smart." —Sam
"Intelligent." —River
"You are REALLY smart!" —Travis W.

Here's what I would add:
You are admirable, clean, considerate, courageous, dependable, empathetic, genuine, helpful, kind, likeable, loyal, mature, musical, obedient, optimistic, self-confident, sensitive, sincere, spiritual, trustworthy and unselfish. You have always had a desire to do what is right and the courage to do so, even when you have to go against the popular choice. You are a great example. You have the willpower to defer gratification. And, you are a great eater.

Here's evidence on that last point:
Last night Rob had a boys night out, and after a busy day cleaning, I told the kids we'd be having cereal for dinner. The other three kids thought this was a treat. Robbie said, "Aww, can't I at least have a salad or something?" Luckily I had salad bar fixings ready in the fridge, so I made a quick salad for the two of us, then said "Robbie, is this all you want?" He replied, "Well, can I have some fruit too?" Hello. This is an eleven year old boy we're talking about. Even when he was a toddler, we used to say that if there were a bowl of M&M's and a bowl of tomatoes on the table, the tomatoes would be gone first.
Such a good kid, in so many ways. Love you Robbie!


Rob said...

What a great kid. Takes after his dad.

Melissa said...

Man, that makes me wish he were mine.

Melissa said...

Although, I already have too many kids to take care of,so you'll have to keep him. I do wish my kids would eat a little more like that, though.

Michelle said...

I had Robbie read this and his response was "SENSITIVE?!" I explained that I meant sensitive to others, the spirit, etc. and NOT sensitive in the easily offended or overly emotional sense. Then he gave me a quick "Thanks, mom."

Amy said...

Michelle, I love reading your blog (did you know that I read your blog?). You make me want to be a better mom, reader, writer, etc. How I wish you were still in my book group! Getting your recommendations on goodreads just isn't enough!
Loved this post about Robbie (can't believe he's 11). Loved the present game idea, too. I'm so using this for FHE soon. We have a 6-year birthday coming up.

Thanks for entertaining/inspiring me.

Amy Farmer.

Stacey said...

What a sweet post about Robbie. He sounds like a great kid. He must take after his mom! :)

Rob said...

Clearly Stacy, you don't know me OR Michelle very well.