Monday, March 22, 2010


So yesterday for dinner I served Chili, Spinach Parmesan soup and Vegetable Cheese soup. I had a few people request the recipes, and told them that the first two recipes were on my blog already (just click the links). I'm adding the Vegetable Cheese recipe, but the photo is a placeholder, since I forgot to take any photos when I made it. Hopefully I'll remember and switch this the next time I make it.

And my daily photo is very small, on this recipe, which we made for family home evening tonight.

I also added a section on the sidebar that you can click and get all the recipes I've posted.

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Rachelle said...

I love your recipes and am super excited to explore your new sidebar...thanks!!! I've got Fablehaven set aside for our Italy trip next month (need good books to help me forget I've over the ocean and have five kids at home who would miss me!!), it was fun to read about your experience, Aubrey would have LOVED that!! Also, wondering if you could tell me how to back-date a post or send me to the right place for directions. Thanks so much!