Thursday, March 18, 2010

The field trip that everyone went on today

I should have taken a photo of the thousand other people that were at Discovery Gateway today. It made a busy day at Disneyland seem peaceful. At least there the kids you're trying to keep track of are corralled in a line. But Ainsley loved it. I hear that two p.m. on a weekday is the time to go for fewer crowds. We may try that. But not for a very long time.


Julie said...

WOW - so many fun posts - I've been avoiding the blog world the past and my guilt for not posting. I thought you were going down to run in Moab this past weekend - did you go?

Anyway, yes, the Discovery museum is always quiet when we show up on weekdays around 2pm after the field trips have left :-).

Michelle said...


No, I was under-trained and over-committed so I bailed on the race. Lame. But I did take Robbie, Joey, Ellie and two of my nephews skiing! This Saturday we're all going up for a snowboarding lesson. And although I've really been pushing Rob to go, when we came home to a spotless house, I decided I'm okay with him staying home. :)