Thursday, March 4, 2010

The present game

Ainsley's been celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday at school too. She and Will were exchanging gifts, and I asked if they were playing the present game. Of course they were interested in that, so I gave them the basics of this great idea from Rachelle's blog. It was so cute to hear them thanking each other for little scraps of paper, like they had just received what they'd always wanted. I have a feeling this will become a favorite game around here, and hopefully it will transfer into real life expressions of gratitude too!

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Rachelle said...

YAH!! So glad you enjoyed it and did it! I too am hoping for life changing graciousness!! I can always hope! I saw a Coke truck today and was tempted to buy my 18 month old a coke (ha ha)and try to capture that same shot you got of was so cool!!